Welcome to Effectuate Healing TherapiesLLC; EHT 4 LIFE PLLC

  It is the primary goal of everyone serving you through Effectuate Healing to help you live a life of health and wellness. Sara Martin, BCFHD, BCHHP is the founder of Effectuate Healing. Sara Martin, ND has been stuying alternative medicine since 2002, and is continuing her education to combine both Eastern and Western Medicine. Dr. Martin has been practicing since 2019 and desires is to bring  many new and effective therapies to the people of Arizona!


If you are looking for compassionate, skilled care that utilizes functional (alternative) medicine, Effectuate Healing Therapies is for you...  and we're glad you're here!


If any of These Statements or Others Like Them Sound Familiar

Please Contact Us ... We Can Help You 

  • Tired of just treating symptoms

  • Wanting to find the cause(s) of your health problems


  • Feel your doctor doesn't listen to you

  • Think you have a thyroid problem though you've been told your blood tests are normal

  • Your doctor chastises you for taking vitamins

  • Feel you are aging faster than you should

  • Tired all the time but "nothing is wrong"

  • Interested in alternatives to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

  • Depressed and don't know why

  • Can't get a good night's sleep

  • want something other than a pain clinic to manage your arthritis or fibromyalgia

  • Prefer a different approach than you're currently undertaking

  • Suspect food or environmental allergies

  • Current vitamins aren't being absorbed and utilized 

  • Told you just have to "learn to live with it" or "it's all in your head"

  • Want to regain and maintain your health